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We help entrepreneurs and established businesses grow faster
with time-proven automated systems and processes.
Starting at $75,000
(Payment terms available)
Make your business UNSTOPPABLE with our famous Repeat Profit Systems.
Everybody knows the saying "the money is in the backend". We believe the most reliable and predictable way to grow your business faster is with automated systems & processes. We call them Repeat Profit Systems. Having a strong backend can turn a mediocre business into an unstoppable business, with intelligent strategic sales systems that will help your business grow for years.
Starting at $15,000
Follow our step-by-step plan to double your profits (or more) in the next 8-12 months.
Fully monetizing your customers is the key to sustainable business successes, and can also provide amazing "instant" jumps in revenue and profits. Want to gain 15% or 50% in revenues immediately and a plan to compound that over time to 2x, 3x or even 10x your profits or more? We'll analyze your business and outline more than a dozen ways you can provide the greatest value to your customers, over the longest period of time - and get paid the most in return. 
This is a full 9-month step-by-step 159-page digital marketing strategy we just finished for a sitting congressman.

"75% Less Staff and $750,000 in 18 Months"

He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer – plus, in the past 18 months Lee has created processes to make the company run better with 75% less staff and has also helped us successfully resolve over $750,000 in affiliate and other debt! Thanks Lee!
- Brad Fallon

"I Can Purchase Our Dream Home This Year"

Hey Lee - quick update from the stuff that I've done since our phone call. Last night I had an epiphany! I can purchase our dream home this year without spending any more on housing than I am right now. I owe this current roll that I'm on, at least in part, to you. You are a blessing! Thanks Lee!
- Darrin Mish

"Increased My Business Leads Over 300%"

Using the offline strategies alone I’ve been able to increase my business leads by over 300%! Thanks Lee Collins and team!
- Stephanie Frank
As Low as $2500 per month
Ever wish you had a "ringer" (or two) in your corner? 
Lee and Natalie have been trusted advisors to entrepreneurs, companies and politicians and have helped people around the world build, grow and scale their business faster with automated systems. Sounds like the kind of people you want answering your questions, right?
  •  Up to 3 phone calls each month with Lee, Natalie or BOTH (Depending on what you need)
  •  Daily Email Support (Weekdays Only)
  •  Help with webinars, emails and sales copy
  •  Work with you to create offers that sell and are in alignment with you
  •  Website and copy critiques and suggestions
  •  Show you how to properly test using Lee's B.C.T.S. Process (baseline, control, test, scale)
  •  Answers to All Your Marketing Questions When You Need Them
  •  Referrals to our trusted resources and experts if needed
  •  Access to our team for additional work at preferred rates (social media, paid ads, writing, etc.)

"An Asset to Your Business for Years to Come"

Lee Collins is a one in a million person who teaches you by listening in ways that other miss. He uses his experience to really get the most out of you, and provides honest and actionable feedback that will be an asset to your and your business for years to come!
- Brian Basilico

"Listen and Take Notes"

Lee Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He's also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I'd highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!
- Rick Dearr

"Nothing But Good Came From Making That Call"

Just did my scheduled appointment with Lee Collins, and I gotta say, Lee is one of the most genuine guys I've ever met! (I have met him in passing before, but never really got to know him.) Nothing but good came from making that call. (Just saying) These calls are zero pitch, full on help from a friend who would give the shirt off his back to someone.
- Tom Bell

"These Two Rise to the Top... Will Change Your Life"

I can honestly say if you have an opportunity to work with this dynamic duo GRAB it. Their combined knowledge and special brand of loving care (yes even though loving) is unparalleled. In a world where so many are coaching with very little experience these two rise to the top not only with years of experience but amazing integrity and authenticity. Do yourself a favor and explore working together it will change your life.
- Laura Wright
Who Are Natalie & Lee Collins?
The Ruthless Marketer
19 Years. Over 9,000 Students. ONE Focus. Your Success. Lee is the marketer other marketers call when they have marketing problems.

Since 1999, Lee has been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, companies and politicians and has helped people around the world build, grow and scale their business faster with automated systems.

"I believe in living a hassle-free life and being outdoors as much as possible. I believe everybody can be happy, joyful and abundant when you choose to play bigger and step into your unlimited power. I also believe the most reliable and predictable way to grow your business faster is by marketing your products and services ruthlessly, and that’s why I practice my craft - to help make you a less timid marketer." - Lee Collins

Complete Brand Strategist
Ever feel like something is “off” with your styling and branding? That maybe it’s not in total alignment with who you really are? I have something special to share with you. 

We all have the four elements inside of us – Earth, Air, Fire & Water. There is always one that is your primary element expression. Through discovering what that element is, we can determine your unique style, color pallet, design lines, and business branding.

"I  believe that there are better ways to do things in business and life. My mission is to show up and hold a safe and trusting space for my clients so they can grow into their true potential. I view people, their business and potential as living pieces of art." - Natalie Collins

Frequent Questions about Repeat Profit Systems:
What are the qualifications for a SYSTEM?
There are 2 essential qualifications to be approved for us to work with you to build a Repeat Profit System: 1) you must have a subscriber email list of at least 20,000 people -OR- if it is smaller, be able to prove that it is highly engaged, and 2) you must have a core/flagship product that sells for a minimum of $500. You must also follow our plan and instructions. Repeat Profit Systems are a well-designed process tested over the past 10 years. We are not responsible if you break it because you think you know better. (Trust me, you don't.)
What if I don't meet the qualifications for a SYSTEM?
If you don't meet the qualifications, we will not build you a Repeat Profit SYSTEM. Sorry. Instead, we can work with you to help you get ready by helping you create a STRATEGY to double your business in the next 8-12 months or helping you in a SUPPORT role by having a trusted advisor to get questions answered or bounce ideas to help you build, grow and scale your business.
What is a Repeat Profit SYSTEM?
In today's competitive marketplace, you either follow up or die. A Repeat Profit System is a multi-channel, multi-funnel platform that sells your $500+ core/flagship product 24x7x365 in such a way that it encourages brand loyalty and rabid fans. Having a strong backend can turn a mediocre business into an unstoppable business, with intelligent back-end systems that will help your business grow for years. Please setup a call if you have more questions.
Why is a Repeat Profit SYSTEM so expensive?
I'll answer that with a true story: we spoke with prospect A and she said "it's too expensive" and decided to not work with us and today her business is still at about the same place as it was last year. We spoke with prospect B and she said "it's a stretch but heck yeah, let's do it". That's her testimonial you see at the top of the page being overjoyed to passively pull in over $71,000 in a single month. At that point, it was her biggest month to date, but we soon surpassed that with a $92,000 month. From our perspective, when the system can make back your entire investment in a single month, we don't really consider it expensive. You shouldn't either if you want to win. It matters what it makes you, not what it costs.
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