Coaches/Consultants/Experts - If You Are Really "Just One Funnel Away"... 
Why isn't it working?
look, One funnel won't get the job done. you need a system.
(we call them repeat profit systems)
Notice There is No Long Salesletter With Desperate Twist-Your-Arm Tactics...
Heck, there's not even a salesletter.

Chances are you are here because a friend or colleague told you about how well our Repeat Profit Systems are working to put money into their business.

How they stopped relying on "putting all their eggs in one basket" tactics.

How this "systems approach" changed everything and put a lot more money in their bank account with 100x less work. (All they have to do is "be the talent".)

Like Joe...
If you have questions, check out our Frequent Questions below or click the button to speak with Mary about getting Repeat Profit Systems setup in YOUR business today.
In all seriousness, most of our clients are from referrals and are ready to get started without any pressure from us, so there is no need to try to "sell" what we're doing. 

I haven't had to "sell" this approach in well over 10 years now because, to the right people, it just makes sense.

What I mean by that is you either see the value of a massively automated systems approach like this in your business... or you don't. 

So, if you're happy with your current results, keep doing your thing. 

And we'll keep on doing our thing.
To Your Success!
 - Lee Collins
Marketing Online Since 1999
Frequent Questions about Repeat Profit Systems:
What is a Repeat Profit System?
A Repeat Profit System is a multi-channel, multi-funnel system consisting of 12-40 cohesive funnels that work together in harmony to sell your $500+ core/flagship product 24x7x365 in such a way that it encourages brand loyalty and rabid fans across 4 different layers of your audience: internal, paid traffic, affiliate, and premium buyers. Having a system like this in place can turn a mediocre business into an unstoppable business, with intelligent back-end systems that will help your business grow for years. Please setup a call if you have more questions.
Will this work for me if I'm just getting started and don't have any products and no list?
If you have no product and no list, you're not ready and we will NOT build you a Repeat Profit System. Period. (See below for qualifications.) Instead, if you wish, we can work with you to help you get ready. Contact us for details.
What are the qualifications for a System?
There are 2 main qualifications to be approved for us to build you a Repeat Profit System: 

Qualification #1) you must have a subscriber email list of at least 20,000 people -OR- if it is smaller, say 10,000 or so, be able to prove that it is highly engaged (no dead/old lists that you haven't mailed for 6+ months), and 
Qualification #2) you must have a core/flagship product that sells for a minimum of $500 ($1000 preferred). 

You must also follow our instructions EXACTLY. Repeat Profit Systems are a well-designed process tested over the past 10+ years. We are not responsible if you break it because you think you know better or want to "change it up". (You don't and you shouldn't.)
Do I need any special platform or tools for a Repeat Profit System?
When you speak with Mary she'll ask you about the platforms you are currently using for your online marketing. You likely already have the platforms we recommend and, if not, you will need to get them. We only build a Repeat Profit System on our preferred toolset. No exceptions.
Why is a Repeat Profit System so expensive?
Here's the thing: there are people out there building one-off single "I really hope this works" funnels for anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000. Many are quality funnels, yes... but at that price: 1) do you really want to pin all your hopes and dreams on a single funnel? and 2) what if that one $15,000 funnel doesn't work - then what?

Our systems approach give you a complete set of at least 12 and up to 40+ funnels (for about the same price "they" would charge for one) that sells to your internal list, to paid traffic, to affiliate traffic, and even to premium buyers. A single funnel simply CANNOT effectively sell to each of these traffic sources and anyone who tells you it can really shouldn't be taken seriously as a marketer.

Here's a real-life example: we spoke with prospect A and she said "it's too expensive" and decided to not work with us and today her business is still at about the same place as it was last year. We spoke with prospect B and she said "it's a stretch but heck yeah, let's do it". That's prospect B's testimonial you see at the top of the page being overjoyed to passively pull in over $71,000 in a single month. At that point, it was her biggest month to date, but we soon surpassed that with a $92,000 month.

From our perspective, when the system can make back your entire investment in a single month, we don't really consider it expensive. We believe you shouldn't either if you want to win. It matters what it makes you, not what it costs.

If you're looking for a discount funnel builder, that's not us. This isn't a flea market - we don't haggle.
What if I don't like the design or copywriting?
We include this because in the past we have gotten feedback to the effect of "can we change up the copy a little". No, and if you do you are then 100% responsible for it not working as we have carefully designed it to work. We will help you test copy, but not based on the whim and fancy of something as arbitrary as whether you "like it" or not. Why? 

In short, what you like or don't like isn't as important as whether or not it converts a visitor to a sale. We encourage you to stop thinking about what YOU like, and start focusing on what your client will respond to. Even if we never work together, this one small shift will change everything about how your business works and is worth 1000x the amount of time you have spent on this page.

Please keep in mind the structure, style and copy we provide are all designed based on over 10+ years of careful and strategic testing on THOUSANDS of successful funnels for hundreds of successful clients before you. It's not something we just whipped up or threw together after reading a $27 eBook or watching some weird video online.

If you want funnels that you "like" we encourage you to build those "vanity funnels" yourself. If you want us to provide you with funnels that are proven to convert through over a decade of testing, we ask that you leave that part to us - it's what you're paying us for. 
Will you teach me how to build a Repeat Profit System?
No. This is a strictly DONE FOR YOU service. Not done with you. Not teaching you how.

The reason for that is we have found that every time we attempt to teach it to someone, they try to meld their "knowledge" with what we teach them and create some weird "hybrid" system - essentially starting at where we started over 10 years ago without the benefit of thousands of hours of testing across thousand of funnels since then, It's silly, really - to be given something that works and then to arbitrarily "change it". 

Now, we will absolutely tell you how to position your Repeat Profit System properly in your business, but no, we will never again teach the proprietary Repeat Profit Systems strategy, methodologies or techniques to anyone for any price, not even if you swear to not try to teach it to anyone. Frankly, we don't want you messing it up - for you, for us, or for our future clients.

Here's another real-life story to explain why: we actually have a prior student who still today is trying to teach people how to build their own Repeat Profit Systems as if she created the process and methodology. Problem is she's teaching it all wrong and people are getting poor results - because she is teaching with half-baked assumptions and a discombobulation of how it all actually is designed to work together. The other problem is the damage to our brand when we see random people, with whom WE have never worked, saying "I tried Repeat Profit Systems and they didn't work for me". (The least she could have done is have the courtesy to change the name, right?)

So, again, NO. Repeat Profit Systems is a premium DONE FOR YOU service.

If you're looking for coaching CLICK HERE. Or HERE.
What if I have a question not answered here?
Click that button below and let's chat. We're happy to answer your questions and see if you would be a good fit to work with us. No high pressure anything. If we decide you're a good fit and you decide you want us to build you a Repeat Profit System, we can get started right away. And, as always, if you're happy with the results you're getting with your own approach, we encourage you to keep doing that.
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